St George's Hill Golf Club

St George's Hill Golf Club
  • Minimum 12 players
  • 27 holes (either 9 holes a.m., 18 holes p.m., or vice versa)*
  • Coffee, Danish Pastries & Bacon Rolls on arrival
  • 4-course Carvery Lunch or Set Meal (non-private room but allocated tables would be provided)
  • May, June, July, September & 1st-12th October 2018: £240 per person, inc VAT
  • August 2017: £215 per person, inc VAT

* Based on playing all 27 holes (Red, Blue & Green courses). 

Afternoon Tea, Cake & Sandwiches: Add £12 per person 
If you require 36 holes during May, June, July and September, add £15 per person.

If 2 Shotgun starts are required (minimum 72 players), please contact us for a quotation.

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